Our design philosophy is based on the simple principle that good design should be available to all. We also believe that, with the ever increasing density being encouraged in our urban environment, it is vital that high quality design values be incorporated into new projects to reduce the potential for adverse impacts on surrounding residences.

There are four main areas that we focus which underpin these principles:


Whether it’s the larger scale spatial planning of dwellings such as orientation of outdoor areas and separation of living & sleeping areas or the smaller scale issues like considering potential furniture arrangement, good design will result in more liveable spaces.


By applying an in depth knowledge of construction practices and engineering principles possible to ensure that a design can be easily built with standard practices & materials thus avoiding hidden construction costs that don’t necessarily translate into more floor area or wow-factor. By modelling all our projects in Revit, we can


There are a lot of factors which impact of the sustainability of a design. A high star rating is a starting point, but having everyone locked in their own little esky with the AC on isn’t really the answer. Ventilation, orientation, materials selection, thermal mass and a myriad of other considerations can impact on the sustainability of a design. At Urban Solutions Architects we take the time to establish the client’s goals for each project and identify appropriate design solutions to achieve those goals.

Value adding

At Urban Solutions Architects we aim to use our experience & skill to ensure that we are adding value to the project. Whether it’s by maximising a site’s development potential, committing to value engineering or ensuring that the value of a new home or renovation exceeds the client’s investment, we believe that the long term benefits of good design will always outweigh the initial cost.

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    Urban Solutions Architects is a small, client focused practice providing architectural services to builders, developers and individual home owners. We provide services in Architecture, Interior Design and Urban Design to the Brisbane and surrounding areas.
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